Sinclair ZX Spectrum related files search engine


Mon Mar 22 1999: Snapsearch moved to a new and much faster server. Enjoy!

Fri Mar 26 1999: has changed its addres to Change reflected. The site doesn't seem to changed much, but the URLs there did.

Thu Apr 8 1999: The beta of the new engine looks stable. I will probably move it for good here soon.

Thu Apr 15 1999: No longer beta.. :-)

Fri Apr 20 1999: added (though it seems a bit unstable)

Fri Apr 30 1999: Snapsearch is still very slow.. I am thinking of getting a brand new engine for it (after all, I wrote this one several years ago and both me and technology are a bit farther now :-). Stay tuned. Drammatical snapsearch speed-up ahead..

Mon May 24 1999: New searching technology implemented. How do you like the speed? :-) The stuff is slightly beta, so let me know if you encounter some problems.

Sat Jul 17 1999: An experimental advanced search is available here. Check it out!

Sun Jul 18 1999: ftpsearch interface added to the main page. Hope you like it.

Jan 28 2000: Snapsearch made much faster! Also, work on making the updates page up to date has begun.. BTW, if you have any suggestions what another server to include, please contact me here.

Mar 16 2000: Updates are up-to-date, all works now. I can even spell farther now.

Oct 9 2000: Nothing to report. Snapsearch works fine.

Nov 2 2010: Defunct for almost 10 years

May 6 2011: Still defunct.

May 20 2014: Defunct after 14 years, yet the page stays here. Unbelievable. Who cares?